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Hey everyone, my name is Chris. I run this site along with the Home Network Geek YouTube Channel. I am an IT professional that set up both to pass on my knowledge on home networking to you. 

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Do Routers Provide PoE

Do Routers Provide PoE?

If you have devices that can be powered over ethernet, like a wireless access point, you may be wondering if they can be powered directly from the router itself, or whether there is any additional equipment needed.

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Can a Router Go in a Cupboard

Can a Router Go in a Cupboard?

Many people would prefer to keep their routers out of sight with the inside of a cupboard being one of the more popular choices when it comes to positioning a router, but can this affect the Wi-Fi signal and reduce the effectiveness of the router?

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Are Powerline Adapters Safe to Use

Are Powerline Adapters Safe to Use?

Powerline adapters are a popular alternative to using Wi-Fi and even ethernet for the convenience that they offer and how easy they are to set up, but are they safe to use, and do they present any noteworthy risks?

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