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About Chris

Hey everyone, my name is Chris. I run this site along with the Home Network Geek YouTube Channel. I am an IT professional that set up both to pass on my knowledge on home networking to you. 

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Wi-Fi hotspot

Are Wi-Fi Hotspots Good for Gaming?

There may come a time where your Wi-Fi at home goes down, but you still want to get online and do some gaming. This begs the question as to whether Wi-Fi hotspots are good for gaming and whether they are really worth it in the long run?

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do powerline adapters lower ping

Do Powerline Adapters Lower Ping?

Online gamers will do whatever it takes to make their network connection as fast and reliable as possible to get that competitive edge. This got me thinking about how well powerline adapters would perform and whether they can help lower your ping.

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are longer ethernet cables slower

Are Longer Ethernet Cables Slower?

The distance that an Ethernet cable must cover can be quite large, even in a home network environment, so should you worry about the length of cable you are using, and does a longer cable really slow you down?

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