Best Router for Whole House Coverage - ASUS RT-AC88U

Best Router for Whole House Coverage: Buyer’s Guide

Having a router that can provide whole-house coverage is useful for those with large homes that don’t want to have to install Wi-Fi extenders. Finding one that can provide a Wi-Fi signal across a larger range is easier said than done, though, given that there is so much choice out there. 

Best PoE Switches for IP Cameras - Ubiquiti UniFi 24 Port - Featured Image

7 Best PoE Switches for IP Cameras: Buyer’s Guide

When installing IP cameras around your home, you don’t really want the inconvenience of having to find an available power outlet to plug each camera in. That’s where a PoE switch comes in; it provides PoE-enabled cameras with the power and network connection it needs over a single Ethernet cable.

Best NAS for Home Media Streaming Featured Image

Best NAS for Home Media Streaming: Buyer’s Guide

People buy NAS (Network Attached Storage Device) devices for a variety of reasons, but most commonly them they are used for storing large media files for later playback and streaming. They can be thought of as a powerful external hard drive for your entire home network.